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Cloud Management Services

Professional management and support for your cloud infrastructure and applications on Azure and AWS 

Cloud Management Services

General support for AWS & Azure services

Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Support

Continuous Improvement and System Optimization

Performance Monitoring

System Maintenance (Patching, Updates)

General guidance for application design

Operations & Well-Architected Reviews

Troubleshooting and Incident Management

Proactive Service Uptime Monitoring

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Data Archiving

Monthly Service Usage Reporting

Guaranteed Response Times:

  • General Issues: <6 hours
  • Service Outage: <30mn

Pricing: Starts from $800/month

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Our cloud management services covers all popular AWS and Azure services and allows you to effectively outsource your cloud IT department to 01 Remote. You will have a technical account manager in charge of your account, although you are supported by our whole team of experienced cloud professionals.

Did you know…?

Medium-sized businesses find it 40% more cost-effective to employ third-party cloud platforms than maintaining an in-house system.

Source: Multisoft

By 2025, the amount of data stored on cloud servers will surpass 100 Zettabytes.

Source: Cybercrime Magazine

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