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I run my business from home without employees. Can you help?

Absolutely. Our Soho plan is designed for solopreneurs and will allow you to have a secure network and business productivity tools for less than C$100 per month. You can review this plan on our Helpdesk page.

Which cloud platform is the best?

All cloud platforms have their own strengths. The choice of a cloud platform will depend of your use-case and multiple parameters. Our engineers are knowledgeable in all major cloud platforms, and will be able to advise the most suitable option for your organization or project.

Can we purchase individual services only and not a package?

Yes absolutely. Whether you need just managed backups, G Suite or Microsoft 365 email migration or set up, or a one-time network security audit, 01 Remote can help with a custom solution that is flexible and cost-effective. Please contact us to discuss how we can best help you.

Do you provide ad-hoc or hourly support without contract?

Hourly support is available for both general IT support and cloud management (AWS, Azure etc.). Pricing is available on our Professional Services page.

How can you manage our network without being here?

01 Remote uses an industry leading Remote Monitoring Management software which allows to have a complete view on the systems on which the agent is installed. With this tool, we are able to be informed of any issue with your system, and take the necessary remediation actions. This tool also allows us to apply operating system patches (Windows and MacOS) as well as software updates regularly to keep your systems secure and fully functional.

We also use a Remote Desktop tool when tickets are raised by end-users, which allow our technicians, once given permission, to view end-users desktops as if they were physically there, understand the issue they have and help them resolve it.

Finally, our packages include cloud-based tools such as managed backups, antivirus and antispyware software, and much more, which can be configured and managed remotely.

Can I use a credit card to settle my bill?

01 Remote accepts credit card payments for all invoices up to C$2,000; all major credit cards brands are supported, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. For invoices exceeding C$2,000, clients are requested to use cheques or direct debit from their Canadian financial institution.

Interac and PayPal are also accepted for the payment of invoices up to C$2,000.

When it comes to IT outsourcing, do you provide white-label end-user support?

Yes, we can use your own platform or set up a custom support system under your domain to provide support to your end-users. Please contact us to discuss options.

Do you make on-site visits to customers' offices?

By default, all our services are provided remotely. For customers in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, we can send our technician to your office if necessary, although additional charges may apply.

Due to liability requirements, we are unable to make in-person visits to home offices.

Do you have an office in the United States?

We do not currently maintain a physical office in the United States, but we are able to support customers in all US states remotely.

Do you provide support in French and Spanish?

We have a limited number of technicians and customer service representatives who can provide support in French. Full-service in French is planned for next year.

We currently do not provide support in Spanish.

What do you mean by proactive website monitoring?

All our packages include proactive website monitoring by default. This means that we will monitor automatically the uptime of your website, and contact your web hosting provider and raise an issue in case of outage. 

To activate this service, you will need to provide us with the contact details of your web hosting providers. Alternatively, you can use one of our affiliated web hosting providers, who are already integrated in our system: HostGamma and Peel Hosting.

Do you provide helpdesk support beyond business hours or during week ends?

While our guaranteed response time and SLA apply only to support request raised during business hours, our helpdesk is available 24/7 and support requests raised by customers in the evenings, week-ends or even public holidays will be handled by the support agents on shift. There may be some delays in the resolutions of issues raised in such periods due to the reduced number of agents available. Non-critical issues may be put on hold until the next business day if there are emergency tickets in the queue.


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