Finding a cloud migration company: Important features to look out for


Finding a cloud migration company: Important features to look out for

A company can migrate to cloud for many reasons. However, many of them choose this line of action when they are faced with challenges related to the growth of their IT infrastructure. Cloud migration enables the company to grow its infrastructure in the most secure and effective manner. Cloud migration improves flexibility so that the business organization can successfully meet the demand of its clients. It equally promotes scalability and improves the ability to respond to changes in technology resources. Cloud migration helps to reduce the time spent to process new storage and inventory. To enjoy the various benefits of cloud migration mentioned above, you need to hire a reliable service provider for your company.
Check below for some of the features to consider when hiring a service provider for cloud migration.

Multi layer security
A reliable cloud migration service provider should offer assurance of security for your data to ensure that the data do not get compromised during the migration process. The service provider should have what it takes to manage the security at all the three layers, which include the following:
• Host layer
• Network layer
• Physical setup layer

You should pitch your tent with a service provider offering advanced security systems such as the following:
• Enterprise-grade firewalls
• Access control system
• Data encryption
• Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS & IPS)
• Multi-factor authentication

Check for data backup
Many of the cloud migration service providers out there offer data backup facility. You should, however, be concerned about the extent to which the data is backed up and how fast the backup process is. A reliable cloud migration service provider will backup your data daily. Some of the top-performing cloud migration service providers back up data for almost 100 days. Additionally, check if the service provider allows you to determine or personalize how frequently your data is backed up. You should equally find out about how secure the backup process is. Also, never forget conclude on out how to restore the data when there is need for that before you hire the service provider.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
One other factor worthy of consideration when looking for the right cloud migration company to hire is the ability of that service provider to reinstate the hosting service after disruption. Such a disruption can be caused by any factor, including natural disaster. The service provider should have what is required to identity the particular type of risks that can lead to the disruption of business process and also know how to remediate them without delay. Find out if the company can replicate data at various points before you hire the outlet.

Check for uptime
Uptime indicates the duration that the cloud migration company promises to deliver. Down time may be acceptable during maintenance and upgrades. Any other downtime outside these provisions is far from being acceptable. Some cloud migration companies guarantee up to 99.999% uptime, meaning that they record 6 minutes or less downtime per year. When choosing a cloud migration service provider, you should go for one that guarantees very high uptime.

Ask around
There are so many cloud migration service providers out there today and they all claim to be reliable. However, it is not in your best interest to put too much trust in any of them. You should first properly investigate each of these services providers to find out if what they claim is true or not. You can ask around for information about that service provider. You can also read reviews online to help you determine if that service provider has got what you need in a cloud migration service provider.

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