Helpful Tips for Choosing a Cloud Service Provider


Helpful Tips for Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

The trend towards cloud service is getting more popular by the day. Even at that, you need to choose carefully when looking for a cloud service provider that you can trust. Many individuals and organizations in need of cloud service providers are faced with numerous challenges, some of which are highlighted below:
• Up to 45% of organizations are concerned about the general security of their data
• About 41% are concerned about the issue of possible data loss
• About 32% find themselves worrying about losing control of their system
• About 29% are concerned about regulatory and legal compliance issues

It is very important to hire trained experts to handle your cloud based services and make sure that they have very good track record, as well as, talent for innovation. You can check below for more helpful tips that can help you to make the right decisions when looking for a cloud service provider to hire.

Trust is essential
You should only partner with a cloud service provider that you can trust. If the outlet shows any sign of untrustworthiness, then a huge percentage of your sensitive data can end up being accessed by unauthorized individuals, corrupted or even totally lost. Before you hire the cloud service provider, first check if the outlet has a strong framework around data and security sovereignty. You should also consider an outlet that has deep domain expertise, as well as, a proven ability to execute. Your focus should equally be on a service provider that displays a breadth and depth of capabilities.

Tightly integrated and dispersed platform
Before you hire an outlet offering cloud services, check if that outlet offers tightly integrated and dispersed platform first. Check if the service provider has a very solid track record and can satisfactorily ensure stability. Such an outlet can be trusted to get the job done without causing disruption to your business operations. Also make sure that the outlet can ensure a balance between your compute workload and location. A service provider with very good global coverage also deserves special consideration. You should always steer clear of cloud service providers offering single-location, centralized services.

Economies of scale is essential
You should consider the ability of the cloud service provider to take advantage of economies of scale before you hire the outlet. Hiring a professional for this purpose will help to cut down the cost of delivering the same service internally. The cost incurred for network access internally on 1,000 servers will be $95/Mbps monthly. The cost will reduce drastically if you hire a cloud service provider to as little as $13/Mbps monthly, bringing about ratio 7:1 reduction in cost.

Go for standardized services
You should only opt for a standardized cloud service provider so that you can get good value for money. Find out if the capabilities of the cloud service provider is standardized across the board as this will ensure complete clarity and also ease the process of understanding what the outlet is offering. Standardization increases the possibility of reuse and improves simplifies the complex features, as well as, maintain the flexibility required to get the right result.

Level of experience
Before you hire any of the outlets providing cloud service, you should first find out how long that service provider had been in the profession. The number of years they have put in will determine how experienced they are and indicate the level of expertise possessed by these service providers. If you want to get good value for money, then you should only partner with an outlet that had been in the profession for many years. You should not forget to read reviews about the cloud service provider also.

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