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We work with first-tier Infrastructure and Software partners to provide world-class IT support and cloud consulting services

Key Partners

Amazon Web Services

Global leading platform in cloud computing, serving millions of customers including individuals, companies, nonprofit organizations and governments.

Microsoft Azure

Second largest cloud computing platform, with the highest numbers of geographical regions globally. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and with Active Directory.

Google Cloud

Suite of cloud computing services provided by Google, with strong capabilities in AI and machine learning.

Oracle Cloud

Cloud computing service by Oracle Corporation with similar services as AWS or Azure, and same pricing across all data centers globally.

Alibaba Cloud

Leading cloud provider in China with multiple data centers in Asia and globally. 

Microsoft 365

Productivity cloud that bring together email, Office, device management and advanced security tools. Home, Business and Enterprise versions available.

Google Workspace

Collaboration and Productivity apps by Google for emails, meetings, instant messaging, document management, storage, intranet websites and more.

Zoho Apps

Full suite of productivity tools for small and medium enterprises including CRM, Mail, Projects, Helpdesk, Human Resource Management and more.

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Full range of Cyber security products and solutions for businesses of all sizes. Enterprise cloud and network security for SMBs, medium to large enterprises, and government organizations.

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