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Unending Data? Google Previews BigLake at Cloud Data Summit


Unending Data? Google Previews BigLake at Cloud Data Summit

The volume of data that organizations have to manage is growing at incredible speeds. Thus, Google introduced BigLake Engine, which will make data analysis in storage lakes faster and smoother. The search engine giant announced, alongside other exciting revelations earlier this week.

What is Google BigLake Platform?

BigLake takes Google’s experience with running BigQuery data warehouse, then applies it to data lakes on Google Cloud Storage. It synergizes data lakes and warehouses into a single service.

This data could sit in BigQuery, AWS S3, or Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. Developers can access one uniform storage engine and query the underlying data stores through a single system without moving or copying data.

Open Ecosystem For Shared Data

Moreover, Google will be introducing a new set of tools for enhanced AI and machine learning experience that will make retrieving business information faster for users around the globe. 

The open ecosystem model is expected to change the data-sharing landscape.

Google VP and General Manager for Databases, Data Analytics, and Looker Gerrit Kazmaier said that the tech titan regards data as its top agenda for its C-suite. Every firm is a “big data” company, he affirms.

“BigLake allows companies to unify their data warehouses and lakes to analyze data without worrying about the underlying storage format or system, which eliminates the need to duplicate or move data from a source and reduces cost and inefficiencies,” Kazmaier announced in a statement. 

“Managing data across disparate lakes and warehouses creates silos and increases risk and cost, especially when data needs to be moved,” Kazmaier added.


Google Data Cloud Alliance

Moreover, Google also initiated the Data Cloud Alliance to ensure that global businesses have seamless access and insights into data required for digital transformation.

As businesses are pressured to launch online platforms to remain competitive, Google Data Cloud Alliances aims to solve modern data challenges of enterprises and accelerate their value creation process.

Data Cloud Alliance will allow the free flow of open data formats across different barriers in corporate and other related fields.

Google’s new artificial intelligence venture looks promising. However, the Silicon Valley giant will need to steadily forge connections with several cloud vendors in the industry.


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